Dog ear infection

Sometimes I feel sad that even though there are so many easy preventive measures that one can take so that their lovely pet dog doesn’t suffer from an ear infection but most of the people are simply not aware. The worst case that I have heard so far is when parents adopted a puppy for their 10 year old and did not bother to completely understand the responsibilities that came along with having a pet. Dog ear infection is one of the most common afflictions which can cause a lot of pain to your dog.

In fact it is known to be the second most common cause that dogs have to suffer a painful experience before the owners wind up with them in front of a vet. You can easily prevent this using a few household products that can be found in your kitchen cabinet. White vinegar is known to work wonders at prevention. If your dog is into swimming or simply gets to spend a good deal of time in water and even while taking bath, you need to ensure that no water enters the dog’s ears as this can lead to bacterial growth causing infection.

Corn casserole

After I welcomed a beautiful baby boy, the happiness from my life soon turned to worry because of the realization of how difficult it was to loose all the post pregnancy fat that I had accumulated over nine months of pregnancy. The onus has increased many times now that the society is all about keeping healthy and maintaining you in order to be accepted in the world of modeling which is my profession. Being a model for many years before I decided to settle down with my husband and then having a baby forms a major part of my life that I have lived as a grown up.

It is a part of me which will always stay. There was a certain lifestyle that I had become used to which is perhaps the main reason that I found this phase of my life so hard hitting. I wanted to stay healthy to feed my baby but also wanted to get rid of extra fat at the earliest. Since I had restricted my diet to only home cooked food, I asked for advice from my mother and other friends who had been through this phase of life. The resounding option that I heard about was including low fat and low calories corn casserole dish into my diet.

Shampoo for oily hair

Hair forms a very important part of your look and outward personality. I have observed so many women and men who are dressed perfectly and are wearing the right accessories too but just because they ignored their hair, they fail to make a lasting impression. The overall look, believe me, is incomplete without that perfect bounce in your hair.

It is a desired yet rare trait as far as I have seen. Everyone, every now and then, suffers from bad hair days. But it is my firm belief that if we take regular and proper care of our hair then we can at least minimize if not completely get rid of such days.

I am sure you must be tired of all the hair care experts telling you that you must know your hair or scalp type. Well I know it can be frustrating because the changing weather can play tricks on you and make it difficult to judge the hair type correctly but the significance of knowing this correctly cannot be undermined. This is perhaps the most basic thing that you can take care of yourself without relying on someone whom you have to pay. This is essential especially because shampoo for oily hair has a very different base and function than the shampoos for other hair types.