Homemade pregnancy test

Despite the popular thinking, there are still a lot of women out there who do not understand the fundamentals related to getting pregnant and hence you will not be surprised that the result of this is a very high number of pregnancies that are not planned. In such cases, often the privacy of the said female is the main factor which needs protection. But since in our society, you are required to go to a hospital or a medical practitioner/doctor, this privacy pretty much ceases to exist.

There is a public or private record of everything which is somewhere filed of you even if you do these things secretly. In such a case, a wiser thing to do would be to use the age old wisdom rather than rely too much on external help. Before you write off the homemade pregnancy test, I would suggest that you recommend one. There is no risk involved, physical or non-physical and these are very safe while being cost effective. The best thing remains that they completely shield your privacy limits and give you an upper hand and some amount of time to make a decision while you are faced with this unexpected change in your life.

Dandruff shampoo

Is there any word that can describe the embarrassment and horror you feel if someone points out dandruff in your hair? I think any one will fall short of words when trying to explain that feeling. Sadly, it is such a common problem but it is perhaps so embarrassing because when visible, dandruff can be a real let down. It is a sign of a personality that says that you still have not gotten the basics right. How common this is, is evident from the number of companies trying to sell a dandruff shampoo to you.

The thing about the right shampoo to treat dandruff is that it has to be effective even days after you shampoo. If the problem is severe, go for a mild one which you can use daily. If the flakes are hardly visible, I suggest you look for one that removes the dandruff in just a couple washes. Often the down side of using a shampoo made specifically to treat dandruff is that it might rob your scalp of the essential oils, leaving your hair very dry so what you need to check for is that the shampoo does contain moisturising elements in it. Check this one bit for sure before you purchase one.

Dog ear infection

Sometimes I feel sad that even though there are so many easy preventive measures that one can take so that their lovely pet dog doesn’t suffer from an ear infection but most of the people are simply not aware. The worst case that I have heard so far is when parents adopted a puppy for their 10 year old and did not bother to completely understand the responsibilities that came along with having a pet. Dog ear infection is one of the most common afflictions which can cause a lot of pain to your dog.

In fact it is known to be the second most common cause that dogs have to suffer a painful experience before the owners wind up with them in front of a vet. You can easily prevent this using a few household products that can be found in your kitchen cabinet. White vinegar is known to work wonders at prevention. If your dog is into swimming or simply gets to spend a good deal of time in water and even while taking bath, you need to ensure that no water enters the dog’s ears as this can lead to bacterial growth causing infection.

Arnica Montana

When people think of homoeopathy, they usually do not associate it with immediate relief. This is a common myth. There are some chronic problems which might require an individual to undertake and complete a course of medicine but isn’t it same as antibiotics minus the side effects. Arnica Montana definitely defies such myths and beats the antibiotic alternatives for pain relief with its sheer popularity. It not only provides quick relief but helps you get on the path to speedy recovery. The bruises heal faster when you are using arnica.

Throughout the world, the medical experts will recommend arnica gels to you whether you are an athlete looking for ‘in your bag’ remedy that you can carry with you at all times or an arthritis patient who is looking pain relief medicine for a long term. All the muscle builders know that muscle building is actually all about wearing and tearing of muscles, so basically you are tearing the old muscles to grow new muscles; no wonder it hurts a lot. Arnica gels can provide you with the required relief while you are working on being at your best health wise. So, for any kind of muscle pain, arnica is the definite answer.