Corn casserole

After I welcomed a beautiful baby boy, the happiness from my life soon turned to worry because of the realization of how difficult it was to loose all the post pregnancy fat that I had accumulated over nine months of pregnancy. The onus has increased many times now that the society is all about keeping healthy and maintaining you in order to be accepted in the world of modeling which is my profession. Being a model for many years before I decided to settle down with my husband and then having a baby forms a major part of my life that I have lived as a grown up.

It is a part of me which will always stay. There was a certain lifestyle that I had become used to which is perhaps the main reason that I found this phase of my life so hard hitting. I wanted to stay healthy to feed my baby but also wanted to get rid of extra fat at the earliest. Since I had restricted my diet to only home cooked food, I asked for advice from my mother and other friends who had been through this phase of life. The resounding option that I heard about was including low fat and low calories corn casserole dish into my diet.