Dandruff shampoo

Is there any word that can describe the embarrassment and horror you feel if someone points out dandruff in your hair? I think any one will fall short of words when trying to explain that feeling. Sadly, it is such a common problem but it is perhaps so embarrassing because when visible, dandruff can be a real let down. It is a sign of a personality that says that you still have not gotten the basics right. How common this is, is evident from the number of companies trying to sell a dandruff shampoo to you.

The thing about the right shampoo to treat dandruff is that it has to be effective even days after you shampoo. If the problem is severe, go for a mild one which you can use daily. If the flakes are hardly visible, I suggest you look for one that removes the dandruff in just a couple washes. Often the down side of using a shampoo made specifically to treat dandruff is that it might rob your scalp of the essential oils, leaving your hair very dry so what you need to check for is that the shampoo does contain moisturising elements in it. Check this one bit for sure before you purchase one.