Dog ear infection

Sometimes I feel sad that even though there are so many easy preventive measures that one can take so that their lovely pet dog doesn’t suffer from an ear infection but most of the people are simply not aware. The worst case that I have heard so far is when parents adopted a puppy for their 10 year old and did not bother to completely understand the responsibilities that came along with having a pet. Dog ear infection is one of the most common afflictions which can cause a lot of pain to your dog.

In fact it is known to be the second most common cause that dogs have to suffer a painful experience before the owners wind up with them in front of a vet. You can easily prevent this using a few household products that can be found in your kitchen cabinet. White vinegar is known to work wonders at prevention. If your dog is into swimming or simply gets to spend a good deal of time in water and even while taking bath, you need to ensure that no water enters the dog’s ears as this can lead to bacterial growth causing infection.