Spaghetti sauce

My kids love their mother (me) for many reasons, one of which is the spaghetti sauce that I cook for them at home. I am sorry but I am not exaggerating here. The evidence that I have is their mother’s day card for this year. They did not forget to mention a thank you note for the sauce within their wish for a happy mother’s day to me. It was adorable of them to note the things that I do for them. We often forget to appreciate each other in our busy lives. This little appreciation is like a memory that I will cherish for ever in my life.

It acted as such a beautiful reminder that I need to start paying attention to saying a thank you as well as accepting all the love that was coming my way. We have been through some rough time in our lives with my husband losing his job during the financial crisis and all. But I guess I needed to understand that my kid’s in their innocence retained all the love in their hearts and did not forget to say that they love us even when I and my husband kind of forgot in all the stress.